Asics Gel Lyte III Pendant by Gabriel Urist


As you may know, Ronnie Fieg celebrated his birthday the other day on June 15th, the same day in which he launched his latest Asics creation, the Gel Lyte III “Aqua-Navy”. As we had mentioned, his B-Day was sure to be a memorable one given what he had lined up for the day, however, Ronnie’s assistant/photographer, Sean, made the day a little more special with one of the most unique gifts one could give an Gel Lyte III enthusiast.

Sean secretly tapped Gabriel Urist, the artist known for his custom sneaker jewelry, to design this 1-of-a-kind Asics Gel Lyte III pendant. Considering the detail of the actual Gel Lyte III in it’s full-size, Gabriel did a great job at replicating the sneaker into a small pendant, working in all the key elements to shape the shoe. As you can imagine, Ronnie was thrilled with the gift, so much so that’s he’s posted about it on his blog to give us all a look at his new custom pendant which we’re sure he’ll be rocking with pride.

As mentioned this is a 1 of a kind piece designed just for Ronnie Fieg, so just enjoy the photos ladies and gentlemen cause you won’t be getting your hands on this one.

gabriel-urist-asics-gel-lyte-iii-pendant-2 gabriel-urist-asics-gel-lyte-iii-pendant-3 gabriel-urist-asics-gel-lyte-iii-pendant-4 gabriel-urist-asics-gel-lyte-iii-pendant-5 gabriel-urist-asics-gel-lyte-iii-pendant-6

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