Saucony Originals Jazz Low Pro Vegan – Grey/Brown-Neon


Every footwear manufacturer has their classics, the shoes which will always remain at the forefront of their collections. For Nike it’s the Dunk, AF1 and Blazer. Reebok, the innovative Pump. And let’s not even begin to get into Jordan’s.

The most timeless of them all though, the Jazz Low Pro from Saucony. Unlike the aforementioned sneakers, the Jazz Low Pro has stuck to the basic since it’s very introduction. There’s been no spin-off’s inspired by it, there’s been no loud, flashy graphics to draw attention to it and there’s only 1 style of it available. Does it really get any simpler then that? The sneaker is true to it’s roots, making it truly an original classic.

The Saucony Jazz Low Pro seen here is part of the Vegan series which is what Saucony calls “de-calf” sneakers. Using canvas and hemp to create the classic design of the Jazz Low Pro, the sneakers contain no animal products, by-products or derivative. A vegetarian friendly shoe, if you will. The Grey/Brown-Neon colorway shown here is one of the newer color options available in the Jazz Low Pro Vegan collection, available through the company’s webstore for $55.

saucony-jazz-low-pro-vegan-2 saucony-jazz-low-pro-vegan-3 saucony-jazz-low-pro-vegan-4

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