Eye on eBay: Converse Magic “Olympic” Mid


“The other day a friend gave me a call, he said that the Dream Team was playin basketball. Was so excited that i hadda get a witness, the first time the NBA was in the ‘lympics. I tuned in because I was hella psyched, to see Magic Johnson on the same team as Mike.”

Kickin it off with the opening verse from Dream Team by Spearhead (1994), we take you back to 1992 when the US Olympic men’s basketball team was allowed to play in the Summer Olympics for the very first time. Famously known as the Dream Team, the USA Basketball team made some noise heard around the world by going 8-0 and bringing home the gold medal. A very historical moment for the US.

If you were around for those days, you may recall some of the sneakers being worn on the court such as Barkley’s Air Force 180 or Jordan’s VII or Pippen’s Air More Uptempo. The most memorable pair to me which really screamed out Team USA was Magic Johnson’s Converse Magic “Olympic” Mid which is seen here in all it’s glory. What makes these sneakers possibly the most unique USA Basketball-theme shoe to ever release is the fact they use the actual team logo. Although Nike has the licensing to do so and manufactures most of the gear for today’s Olympic athlete’s, they’ve never went as far as incorporating the USA Basketball logo onto a pair of sneakers, usually just using red, white and blue colorways, sometimes with a mix of gold, to bright forth the USA theme.

If you’re a collector this would defiantly be a nice addition to collection, and luckily there’s a pair awaiting on eBay for whoever decides to jump on em first. Hard-to-find classics don’t come cheap, so if you’re interested expect to dish out $400 +shipping to take em home.

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