Nike Dunk “Capt. America x US Soccer” Customs


With the 2010 FIFA World Cup in full-swing, there couldn’t be a better time for our friend Sole Junkie to present his latest custom sneaker. Commissioned by a customer from Chicago who’s attending the World Cup in South Africa, Sole Junkie was asked to customize a pair of Nike Dunks with a US Soccer theme that he could wear to the games while cheering on his native country.

Having a geeky passion for comics and seeing the character as somewhat of mascot for the US, Sole Junkie designed the Dunk’s around Captain America, who’s seen holding the US Soccer shield. A different graphic of Captain America is used on the outer side of each sneaker to separate the two, while graphics of our beloved red, white and blue flag is seen wrapping around the heel of both sneakers.

For somebody who’s attending the games to root for the US, there could be no better way to show your support then rocking a pair of Captain America Dunks. To get a closer look, follow the jump.

captain-america-nike-dunks-2 captain-america-nike-dunks-3 captain-america-nike-dunks-4 captain-america-nike-dunks-5 captain-america-nike-dunks-6

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