Nike Blazer Low “Quilted Satin”


The Blazer Mid is defiantly a crowd favorite, filling many people’s collections, but every once in awhile the low-top Blazer hits if off just right and has fans switching sides. For some people it’s a simple, subtle colorway which does the trick. Other’s prefer the outlandish designs which cry for attention, such as the Quilted Satin Pack seen here.

Don’t let the name fool you either on this one. The Quilted Satin Pack, consisting of dueling Blazer Low’s, is in fact not quilted what so ever. According to atmos in Tokyo, where the sneakers will be available next month, Nike’s intention here was to construct the satin side panels in such a way were they look as if they are quilted, hence the stitching pattern which resembles what you’d see had the sneakers been quilted. They don’t really look quilted to me, but I can understand where Nike was going with this one. Other detailing includes leather trim, a leather Swoosh and stylized Nike lettering on the heel in Chinese Calligraphy.

We haven’t any idea if they’re set to release in the US, so visit your local Nike to check on future availability.

nike-blazer-low-quilted-satin-2 nike-blazer-low-quilted-satin-3 nike-blazer-low-quilted-satin-4 nike-blazer-low-quilted-satin-5

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