Heineken x Reebok Pump Omni Lite


Heineken and Nike SB made some noise back in 2003 when they teamed up to produce a pair of SB Dunk Low’s in Heineken’s signature green and white color scheme with their iconic red star emboridered onto the heel. The sneakers today are considered to be “grails” among SB collectors and are known to fetch prices as high as $500-600 through resellers on eBay and $800 through consignment shops.

Looking to brew up another highly sought after sneaker, Heineken reaches out to Reebok to rework their colors on the Pump Omni Lite. Smooth leather in Heineken green is applied throughout most of the upper while the toe, heel and parts of the side panel are constructed from white perforated leather which uses a mixture of standard holes and star shaped cutouts. The Heineken star can also been seen emboridered along the side of the upper in it’s original shade of red, complimented by additional red accents on the lining and the Pump.

From what we know, thanks to FoundMissing, there’s been a total of 20 of these Heineken x Reebok Pump Omni Lite’s produced, all of which were distributed throughout Canada. It’s believed that all 20 were granted to some of Reebok’s higher end retailers in Canada and were not actually sold to consumers. With that being said, the odds of getting a pair are slim to none, so your best is to just check the photos out after the jump.

heineken-x-reebok-pump-omni-lite-2 heineken-x-reebok-pump-omni-lite-3 heineken-x-reebok-pump-omni-lite-4 heineken-x-reebok-pump-omni-lite-5 heineken-x-reebok-pump-omni-lite-6

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