Reebok Pump “Flight Jacket” Pack


For those who were afraid that Reebok was running out of steam after its latest preview of the “Rainbow Pack”, have no fear. Reebok has just given word of their newest two part release for Summer ’10; the “Flight Jacket” pack. The pack consists of the increasingly popular Pump Omni Lite accompanied by the Insta Pump Fury. The quilted, nylon construction of both shoes resembles the similar design and texture of Military-grade Flight Jacket’s. Now available for pre-order at atmos, both styles are offered in both navy and olive variations.

reebok-flight-jacket-pack-2 reebok-flight-jacket-pack-3 reebok-flight-jacket-pack-4 reebok-flight-jacket-pack-5 reebok-flight-jacket-pack-6 reebok-flight-jacket-pack-7 reebok-flight-jacket-pack-8 reebok-flight-jacket-pack-9 reebok-flight-jacket-pack-10 reebok-flight-jacket-pack-11 reebok-flight-jacket-pack-12 reebok-flight-jacket-pack-13

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