Nike Trainer SC 2010 “Wild Boar”


Vincent Jackson was known to be a little on the rambunctious side during his youthful days. He was full of never ending energy that would keep him wound up for days. He was a quick little bugger too, with the strength of an ox. Or in the words of his mom, a wild bore hog.

Vincent Jackson, known to the world simply as Bo Jackson, initially started out with the nickname “wild bore hog“. The nickname was given to him by his mother, Florence Bond, who felt that’s the way her son acted. However, Florence use to have an issue pronouncing the word bore. So when she would call him that it would come out like “wild bo hog” with her leaving off the “er”. As the year’s passed, according to reports, the nickname wild bore hog, or bo hog in this case, was shortened to “Bo”.

Why must you know all this you ask? Well, this Friends and Family version of the Trainer SC 2010 dubbed “Wild Boar” is inspired by that very story and Bo’s original nickname, so without knowing the storyline you may have been left in the fog as to what these actually represent.

A rich deep olive full grain leather is found along the shoe’s toe, collar and heel, while a textured brown leather wraps around the shoe’s dominant rand overlay and eyestay. Orange contrast stitching adds some nice eye-catching color to the upper while white flywire paneling is set in place to represent the feared tucks of a wild bore. Embroidered across the heel is the original nickname of the legendary cross-sport athlete.

It’s unfortunate these are a friends and family release. Being a Bo Jackson fan and an Trainer SC 2010 enthusiast, I’d love to get my hands on these. Just like I’m sure many of you would as well. However, it’s not gonna happen, so just enjoy the photos provided by Sole Collector.

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