24 KILATES x Reebok Classic F.C.V.K. Pack


24 KILATES adds another collabo to their list of footwear accomplishments as they team up with Reebok on the F.C.V.K. Pack.

As part of their 5th Anniversary celebration, 24 KILATES pinned Reebok to work up the World Cup-inspired F.C.V.K. pack consisting of two Reebok Classic’s with matching football (soccer) jersey’s. Both shoes feature premium materials with one pair donning a Blue/White colorup and the other a Black/Blue/White. Both also include the number 24 split between the heels with a tongue tag featuring the F.C.V.K. mark and the 24 KILATES logo. The soccer jerseys which will be included with the sneakers feature various logo’s on the front and sleeves with KILATES printed across the back above a large 24.

In total there will be 120 packs to be sold, 60 for each colorway, all of which will go on sale next weekend, June 12th, 2010. The same day in which the World Cup kicks off. A closer look at the shoes and jersey’s follow after the break.

24-KILATES-x-Reebok-V.K.F.C.-Pack-2 24-KILATES-x-Reebok-V.K.F.C.-Pack-3 24-KILATES-x-Reebok-V.K.F.C.-Pack-4 24-KILATES-x-Reebok-V.K.F.C.-Pack-5 24-KILATES-x-Reebok-V.K.F.C.-Pack-6 24-KILATES-x-Reebok-V.K.F.C.-Pack-7 24-KILATES-x-Reebok-V.K.F.C.-Pack-8 24-KILATES-x-Reebok-V.K.F.C.-Pack-9

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