Reebok Freestyle Hi “Laser Beam” Pack


Reebok goes futuristic with it’s latest Freestyle Hi roundup known as the Laser Beam pack. Using funky fresh colors, the Laser Beam pack consists of three version’s of the women’s Freestyle Hi. One sports a purple base constructed from smooth leather and patent leather. The other two uses the same leather construction, however one uses a blue base and the other a pink. uses a pink base. The pink and purple version’s both have reversed outsole’s with the pink using purple and the purple using pink. The blue model sticks to it’s base color, taking on blue for the outsole. Pink, purple and blue Freestyle’s have all been done before, so to give the trio a look all their own Reebok incorporated what they’re calling laser beam graphics throughout the uppers in a mix of different colors.

If one of the three catches your eyes ladies, you can pick up either one through DrJays for $60.

reebok-freestyle-high-laser-beam-2 reebok-freestyle-high-laser-beam-3 reebok-freestyle-high-laser-beam-4 reebok-freestyle-high-laser-beam-5 reebok-freestyle-high-laser-beam-6 reebok-freestyle-high-laser-beam-7 reebok-freestyle-high-laser-beam-8 reebok-freestyle-high-laser-beam-9 reebok-freestyle-high-laser-beam-10

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