Nike Zoom Hyperfuse – Black/Varsity Royal


If Nike’s looking to put together a viral campaign to promote the upcoming release of their latest basketball sneaker, the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse, now’s the time to do it. No gimmicks are needed either, like Kobe’s infamous Aston Martin jump. Simply just round up Rajon Rondo’s highlights from the postseason and you’ve got you’re campaign.

It’s been said, and proven, that certain shoes can, and do, have an effect on your game and if you look at the way Rajon Rondo’s been playing throughout the postseason, you may suspect that the Zoom Hyperfuse’s he’s been wearing have been part of the reason he’s been able to step his game and help carry the Celtics through the playoffs. Rajon Rondo’s been the only athlete to endorse the Zoom Hyperfuse so far. In exchange, he’s dominated every game, every series, with hopes to do the same against the Kobe and the Lakers. Rajon Rondo and his Hyperfuse sneakers have become such a problem in the postseason that teams and coaches have lost sleep worrying about who’s going to cover the young superstar. Coincidence? Maybe. Actually, major then likely. But it could make a hell of an advertising campaign.

Unfourently for us, we’ll have to wait until later this year to get out hands on the Hyperfuse and put them through a test-run. Judging by Rondo’s performance in them though and they’re extremely lightweight look, we can’t wait to see what they’re all about once they’re laced up. Just like the Nike Zoom Hyperfuse XDR we showed you the other day, the Orlando Magic-esque, Black/Varsity Royal colorway shown here is a sample which surfaced through eBay in a $219 BIN auction. It’s unclear if the Hyperfuse will ever release in this exact colorway, so if you’re a collector or can fit a SZ 9, hit up eBay now to claim your pair.

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