Nike Dunk High “Ironman” & “War Machine” Customs


The devious minds over at Diversitilehave been hard at work creating state of the art creations unlike anything else in the customizing world. They took up back to the 80’s with the Graffiti Explosion Nike Dunks, had us frozen in awe with the Medusa Dunks and made us feel as if we could Walk on Water like Peter did in the Bible. Diversitile now presents two pairs of Nike Dunks that have us feeling as if we could save the world just like Tony Stark.

Pulling out all the stops imaginable, Diversititle brings Ironman and War Machine to life through these two custom Nike Dunk High’s. Both shoes are layered with detailed designs representing each characters armored suit ensuring that your feet are well protected while battling it out with the world’s evilest villains. To give you that superhero power and one achieves when putting on the suits of Ironman and War Machine, the glowing cores are included on the top of the tongue and yes, they really do glow. A simple press of the tongue and the glowing core can be turned on and off.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “How can I get my hands on a pair of these?” don’t worry, Diversititle will soon be posting details with purchase options and pricing. The run will be limited, so if you’re interested keep checking the Diversititle blog for further details on how to get yourself a pair.

More detailed photos of both follow after the jump.











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