Nike Sportswear Announces Surprise Foamposite


With the bevy of Foamposites releasing this year it’s been rumored that Nike would eventually surprise us all with an unexpected release of the Royal Blue Foams to wrap up the collection. While that rumor hasn’t been entirely squashed, Nike Sportswear recently announce via Twitter that they have an upcoming Foamposite which is sure to surprise us all and that it’s not the Royal Blue’s. Or the Cough Drops or Pearls for that matter.

Everybody’s been firing tweets at Nike ever since with their guesses on what they could be. Some suspect a new Foamposite hybrid. Others suggest a new colorway. Nike Sportswear confirms neither, simply telling us some people are closer then others.

I can hear the Foamposite fanatics packing up now, getting ready to ship out and turn into urban campers for what very well could turn into the most sought after Foamposite to date. Keep in mind too, this doesn’t exactly confirm that the Royal Blue’s aren’t coming later this year, the message simply just means the Royal Blue’s aren’t what they’re talking about now. So we’re still gonna cross our fingers and hope for the best.




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