Alife Everybody High Lux “Green Suede”


Following up on yesterdays Everybody Low “Canvas Pack”, we have now spotted a Lux edition of this casual silhouette in it’s high top offering. Continuing the flow of clean, tonal uppers, such as those used on the four-pack of low’s, Alife’s draped the upper of this Everybody High Lux with a solid coat of green. However, unlike the low’s, suede jumps into action to bump up the standard release to a premium Lux model. A tired, vulcanized sole unit in it’s customary shade of white sits below the upper and coincides nicely with the white tongue that sorta goes unnoticed as it’s tucked behind a pair of green laces.

Retailers overseas such as Kasina have received the sneakers already with US distributors expected to take on supply soon.





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