Nike Air Max 95 “Lime”


At a mere 15 years old, the Nike Air Max 95 is a baby-faced runner when compared to it’s predecessors like the Air Max 90. Don’t let it’s age full you though cause this young’n is the ruler of it’s gang, overpowering any and all Air Max’s in terms of popularity. With stylish releases such as the “Lime” seen here, it’s no wonder the shoes sit on such a high pastel.

To kick off a round of Air Max 95 releases for 2010 Nike reissued the ever-so-popular Neon’s at the beginning of the year. Soon to follow were two more colorups, the Slate (Slate Blue) and the Comet (Comet Red). Since Air Max enthusiasts are always hungry and can never get enough of their AM 95’s, Nike’s dishing out the Air Max 95 “Lime” just in time for Summer. We’ve seen a lot of comments online about how these are the Mint’s that released two years ago. Don’t get it twisted though, that’s not the case. While the gradient design is the same, the accent coloring varies from that on the mint’s. While close, it’s defiantly different. If you’re familiar with your Air Max 95’s we’re sure you can spot the difference right from the get go. If not, the close-up after the jump should do the trick.

We haven’t an exact release date for a statewide release, but End in the UK is taking pre-orders now for em and reporting that they’ll be shipped out on June 20th.




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