Air Jordan 2 Retro “Vero Cuoio” Premium Sample


Seeing photos of “what could of been samples” can either make you appreciate the actual retail release that much more or, have the exact opposite effect and leave you feeling as if you’ve been had and given something which doesn’t quite stand up to the samples you desire more.

In the case of the Air Jordan 2 Retro “Vero Cuoio” Premium, a sample which surfaced on eBay, we’re gonna take a long shot here and say you guys are defiantly gonna be happy with what you got over these. Rumored to be the original Air Jordan 2 “BIN 23” design that got scrapped for the retail version, the sneakers feature brown premium leather throughout the base with a lighter shade of brown on the pebbled leather overlay and a dark khaki like color on the heel. The same color also appears on the outsole, with white on the mid-sole and inner lining. It’s not made clear upon viewing the exterior due to the lack of branding, but upon slipping you’re foot into these you would of taken notice of the Vero Cuoio logo on the insoles, an Italian company responsible for the premium leathers used throughout the shoe.

As mentioned, the Air Jordan 2 Retro “Vero Cuoio” Premium Sample is supposedly the original Air Jordan 2 Retro “BIN 23”. Confirmation on that though hasn’t exactly been made, so take it for what it is. The sneakers do lack the now recognizable BIN 23 stamp, if that means anything to ya. If you’re a collector though we doubt details like that are gonna matter, aslong as it’s a unreleased sample we’re sure it’s fair game for you. Which in that case, hit up eBay now and grab em for yourself. There’s current 24 bids with the price now at $610.










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