Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Pearl” on eBay


While Jordan heads are buzzin over the upcoming Air Jordan 6 “Infrared Pack”, Foamposite fanatics have their sights set on the Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Pearl”.

To add to the Foamposite madness which already includes releases of the Eggplant’s and Cooper’s, with the Cough Drop’s releasing soon and a rumored reissue of the Royal Blue’s later this year, Nike’s bringing back the cherished Air Foamposite Pro “Pearl”. It’s not known yet just when exactly the shoes are expected to surface at retailers, but given the fact they’ve become available through some of the key resellers we suspect it shouldn’t be to much longer now.

If you gotta have em now though and can’t wait any longer, you’re in luck. That is if you’re willing to spend a little more then retail for them. Sneakerzp2008, a verified seller on eBay who we endorse for their selection of legit sneakers, has about 10 sizes of the Pearl Foamposite Pro’s up for grabs. The BIN price is set at $275, with $30 for shipping, bringing the final total to $315. Considering this is an early release for a sneaker that’s gonna retail for $200, the price isn’t all that bad. Specially when we’ve seen other auctions pushing close to $500.

If you don’t grab yourself a pair today, make sure you keep it locked for further updates on when the official release is cause this is gonna be one Foamposite junkies aren’t gonna wanna miss.







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