ShoeBox Collector T-Shirt


Do you have a Sneaker Obsession? Are there boxes upon boxes stacked up somewhere within your home, possibly in more then 1 place? Are you a true sneaker collector?

If you’ve answered yes to all three questions, the ShoeBox Collector t-shirt is just what you need. Produced by Goliath, and now available at Vault, the tee features graphics of an overstuffed Nike box filled with $100 bills and arched text of “SHOEBOX” printed above it and “COLLECTOR” printed below it. Available in your choice of white or black, the t-shirts retail for $30 and are available in sizes M-3XL.

If you’re interested, hit up my man John, the Online Sale Representative at Vault, via e-mail and he’ll have one shipped over to your ASAP.



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