Livestock x Ferrari x Puma Mid


When Garry Bone isn’t sitting behind a desk playing tastemarker for his Livestock brand chances are you’ll either find him kicking back with his lovely girlfriend or whipping his custom, race-ready Honda S2000 around the track. You see, along with his desire for the freshest treads, Garry also has a strong appetite for racing.

During a dinner meeting with Puma brass in 2005, Garry and the crew got to talking about his interest in racing and Formula 1. As a premium F1 sponsor, after hearing Garry talk about his passion for the Grand Prix, Puma offered him and his girl an all-expenses paid trip to Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix. One of the support races that year in Canada was the Ferrari Challenge featuring a series of Ferrari F430’s shooting it out for a spot at the front of the pack. If you never been to an F1 race let me just say, the experience is one you’ll never forget. Just ask Garry. He was so moved and inspired by what he witnessed that he set out on a mission to incorporate what he saw and grew to love into a line of sneakers.

Working exclusively with Puma, who has the licensing to work with Ferrari, Garry produced a line of Ferrari-inspired Puma Mid’s which will forever remind him of that unforgettable weekend in Canada. Using the Italian automaker as inspiration, Garry and Puma carried over the exotic, premium styling of Ferrari, fusing it’s characteristics onto the shoes themselves. “When it came down to picking colors it was actually super easy,” Garry explains. Red suede was chosen for one of the models, a material which is usually used to fabricate steering wheels for race cars and a few select Ferrari’s. Black nubuck was decided upon for one of the other shoes with Garry telling us “if you’ve ever seen a Ferrari in matte black (which we have) you’ll know why I did that”. For the third and fourth models, one of which is inspired by the colors on Garry’s S2000 that he won a IP2 Championship with, kangaroo leather was the material of choice and sorta gives you the feel that you’re sitting in the plush, premium leather seats inside the cockpit of an F430. Added detailing includes a graphic of an F1 track on the insoles, Ferrari’s logo on the heel of three of the four models, Garry’s #46 on the heel of the fourth, perforated size markers on the tongues, and black outsoles which are scored to take on the feel of a race tire. Each pair will also be packaged in a helmet bag featuring the branding of both Puma and Ferrari.

The entire collection of Livestock x Ferrari x Puma Mid’s is scheduled to launch this month on May 22nd. The red, black and yellow version’s inspired by the colors of Ferrari’s will go on sale through Livestockand other select Puma List distributors, while the version inspired by Garry’s Honda S2000 will only be sold through his Livestock boutique in a limited run of less then 200 pairs. If you’re interested in getting yourself on a waiting list for either of the four, you can inquire about how to do so through the Livestock online store.















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