European Exclusive Greedy Genius Ocean Runners Hit The US


The Greedy Genius Ocean Runners which were released earlier this year as a European Exclusive are no longer such a thing.

After their hugely anticipated release last year on Black Friday, Greedy Genius announced earlier this year that the they would be releasing a lineup of three Ocean Runner Mid’s exclusively through their European distributors. In a total of three color options – blue, red and black – the Ocean Runners feature a ballistic nylon upper sitting atop a vulcanized sole unit.

As luck has it, the European Exclusive Ocean Runners have managed to somehow work their way across the Atlantic. Spotted over at DrJays are all three of the nylon Greedy Genius Ocean Runners. There’s a full-size run too, with each colorway retailing for $55. If you saw these earlier this year and were a little bummed you weren’t gonna be available to get a pair due to their exclusive status, worry no more.




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