Rock-N-Jocks 15% Off Sale


Although our main focus is sneakers, with a side of apparel thrown in here and there, we wanted to let all our readers know about a 4-day, 15% off sale going on now through Rock-N-Jocks. If you’ve recently picked up some new kicks and you’re looking for a new fitted to match, swing through Rock-N-Jocks and take advantage of these savings. With over 150 different hats in stock there’s a huge variety to pick and choose from, and there’s sure to be more then a few which will coordinate nicely with your latest pickup. If hats aren’t your thing and you prefer to let your hair out, maybe you’d be interested in the LeBron James 2-time MVP t-shirt which Rock-N-Jocks also has in stock.

Whatever it may be that you’re interested in make sure you enter in promo code OHYEAH during checkout to get that 15% discount. Don’t wait to long though cause Rock-N-Jocks will be ending the sale on May 16th, 2010, so get in there now and scoop up whatever you want while you’re still able to get it at a discounted price.

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