Jordan Brand now available through Karmaloop


First off, I wanna say it’s about damn time!!

After opening their doors to battle the evil forces of McFashion in 1999, Karmaloop has finally been blessed with a Jordan Brand account. Being one of the largest, if not THE largest streetwear distributor, we knew it would only be a matter of time before Karmaloop snagged themselves an account to sell Jordans. 10 years may have be a little longer then we expected, but then again, Jordan Brand doesn’t just go handing out accounts either. Things need to be proven. Measures need to be taken. It’s an account that’s earned, not given.

We aren’t quite sure what the depth is of the account, but judging by the 6 Rings “Motorsports”, the AJ9 “Silver Anniversary” and some Quickstrike Air Jordan 1’s, among other things, it’s best to believe that Karmaloop will for sure be one of your new spots to keep an eye on for new Air Jordan releases.

And, what makes it all even better is that you’ll now be able to scoop up some of your favorite J’s for up 20% off the retail price when you purchase them through Karmaloop. Just make sure you enter in Rep Code JH17345 during checkout to claim your savings!!

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