SN’EADS – Sneaker Friends 2010


Last weekend Sneaker Friends 2010 took place in Atlanta and as you may have already heard all the bigwigs were in attendance to meet and greet fellow sneakerheads, give away prizes, and to just enjoy a fun filled weekend around like minded people.

SN’EADS creator R E E swung through for the festivities and while there he witnessed a situation (no, not that Situation) which inspired his lastest SN’EADS comic stripe. Properly titled Sneaker Friends 2010, the strip is based on a friendly confrontation between MAYOR and Sneaker Friend attendee who we believe to be named Alex.

Being the well known sneakerhead he is, MAYOR was approached by Alex at Sneaker Friends 2010 with a request to snap a photo with the Air Force 1 Guru. MAYOR kindly accepted the request, but as the fellow enthusiast closed in to strike a smile MAYOR quickly noticed something about him which he wasn’t havin.


Below is the actual picture of Alex and MAYOR which inspired this comic, along with a excerpt from Alex taken from NiceKicks about how the situation went down.


Comment by Alex.
Whats happing everyone? That was me in the pic with Mayor. Let explain how this all started. The ATF crew was doing sneaker giveaways and Mayor had a size 9 Kobe V’s. He said the hottest size 9 sneakers was gonna win the pair. One of my boys was like “show your Yeezys.” Of course I didn’t notice Mayor was up there until it was to late LOL. All he said was “Its all love, but you know how I feel about Yeezys”. I don’t consider that a diss. I think it was just an opinion, which everyone is entitled to. But he was just jokin. During the pic, he remembered me cause I was the only dude with the black and pink Yeezys and Mayor was cracking jokes. (Thats why I had that cheesy smile, he caught me off guard LOL!!!) But Mayor is a stand up dude. Much respect to Mayor and R E E, the artist/creator.

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