Reebok ZigTech Basketball Sneaker Prototype


Reebok’s ZigTech running shoes have been stirring up a lot of chatter since their introduction back in February, and things may get even bigger for the ZigTech as it appears Reebok is testing out a pair of ZigTech basketball sneakers.

Known for their patented wavy foam sole unit, which is designed to transfer energy from the heel area towards the forefoot as pressure is applied through footstrike, the ZigTech running shoes have become a popular item among runners and those looking for a light, flexible training shoe which can literally propel them as they run or walk. With the technology proving to be useful and successful, Reebok is looking to incorporate the zig-zag ZigTech foam sole on a pair of basketball sneakers.

It’s not exactly sure if they’ll ever be released, but thanks to TheAssassin23 from NikeTalk we have a look at a prototype of the Reebok ZigTech basketball sneakers being put to the test. Apparently Reebok is already way ahead of some of us, mainly those of us like myself who suggested a possible ZigTech basketball sneaker. While in his local gym the other night TheAssassin23 ran into a guy who he explains “used to play at Boston University and now coaches a local community college.” On his feet, the ZigTech basketball sneakers you see above which according to what TheAssassin23 was told  “are samples that Reebok sent him to test.”

If we hear anything more about the Reebok ZigTech basketball sneakers we’ll be sure to let you know.

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