Nike Air Diamond Turf “Un-Deion Sanders”


When news surfaced earlier this month that the Nike Air Diamond Turf Max 96 would be retro’ing this year many questioned “why so soon”. 2007 was the last time the sneakers released and 3yrs seems like a short time span to be bringing them out again. Although Nike’s been known to do such a thing on a number of occasions, with periods a lot shorter then 3 years too.

Although you questioned it, many of you also praised it and began to get high hopes on getting yourself another pair of Deion’s, or a pair for the first time if you’ve never had a pair. If you were happy then we’re sure you’ll be happy to hear that the Nike Air Diamond Turf will also be making another retro appearance. However, it features a minor detail difference compared to the originals in ’93 and those which retro’ed a few years ago.

Consider them the Air Diamond Turf “Un-Deion Sanders” as NiceKicks calls them, due to the fact the sneakers no longer feature Deion’s signature logo and instead consist of Diamond Turf 2010 across the tongue and Nike branding on the heel loop. Why you ask? Deion’s a made man for Under Armor and his signature logo went along with it. Other then that though the sneakers are designed exactly the same and are seen here in one of their OG colorways of White/Black-Red. The lack of Deion logo’s shouldn’t be a major concern as the style remains, and since day one that’s always been what’s attracted us to sneakers the most.

If you can dig it watch for an official release sometime in June.


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