Nike Dunk Low “Volcanic”


There’s no doubt that you’ve all heard about the Icelandic volcano that recently erupted after lying dormant for over 200 years. The unexpected eruption spewed an unbelievable amount of volcanic ash into the sky and stranded thousands of travels as airspace over Europe and other parts of the world was closed and planes were forced to sit on the runways until further notice.

Being a UK native and experiencing the impact her country felt during the disaster with no flights for over a week, Qustom Queen decided to paint a pair of custom sneakers inspired by the event. A pair of customs which she says was “a sacrifice to be offered to the Volcano gods” in a plea for them to clear the skies. And it worked!! With airspace opening the following day and flights finally being able to take off and land in the UK.

Instantly grabbing your attention and drawing you into the sneakers is a molten rock (lava) design on the frontal, heel panel and Swoosh which you can almost feel the heat coming right off of. The coolest part is that the design is actually textured making it look as if it were real magma. The remainder of the upper is finished off in a dark grey-ish tone with very subtle strokes of white worked throughout the paneling to represent the ash clouds that took over the skies.

One of the dopest customs of the year? You be the judge.




* Photos color enhanced by SneakerObsession.

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