Update: Fake Custom Sneakers

Sekure D Fake Custom Sneakers

Not to long ago we talked about how fake custom kicks have popped up online which duplicate the work of Sekure D along with a few other sneaker customizers. Sekure D has found out that duplicates of his customs are being mass produced somewhere in the depths of China and distributed through numerous online sites or auctions. Who knows what other artists are being taken of their designs and having fakes made of their work. Its a shame the fake market has to now even effect many popular sneaker customizers. All the artists along with Sneaker Obsession ask all of you to please report any findings of these fake custom sneakers you may come across online. You can report them to use and we will pass the word along to the artists or you can contact the artist directly if you know who it is. As we told you before, go directly to the source for your customs. If not a Sekure D custom unless it comes from the man Sekure D himself, its not a C2 custom unless youve bought it through C2 Customs. You get the picture here. Not only are you buying a design which has been butchered, you are getting it on a fake sneaker as well. Its like 2 fakes in 1. Go for the real deal.

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