Nike Dunk High “Medusa”


Diversitile Custom Clothing consistently amazes us with some of the fresh custom sneakers. Designs like the Nike Dunk Low “Walking On Water” and the Nike Dunk High “Graffiti Explosion” have made our jaws drop with their exceptional detailing and intense graphics, and the latest project the firm recently sealed the deal on falls right in line with the rest.

Using a Dunk High as a template, Diversitile put together a design which wraps around the Titan Gorgon Medusa. The idea was one the group has had for quite some time, wanting to design a pair of kicks with multiple textures and things to keep the eye moving. To start, most of the shoe has a stony cracked texture to represent the shoe being turned into stone, which would be inevitable if they came into the path of Medua . Next, fire red was added to the Nike Swoosh to divide and accent the bland grey panels. To make it clear where the inspiration for the design came from Diverstile wanted to incorporate some sort of visual imagery of Medusa herself, so they did just that by working in a head shot of her on the heel of the sneakers using real red sapphires for her eyes. To carry out the theme even further Diversitile fabricated a custom box to go along with the sneakers with the same stony texture used throughout the sneakers and another Medusa head shot, this time a raised one which once again uses real red sapphires for the eyes. The inside of the box is lined with crushed velvet like material and is a sturdy home for this Gorgon themed Dunk.










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