Nike Zoom Kobe V Comet Red/White-Del Sole


How much would you pay for a rare pair of Zoom Kobe V‘s? A 1 of 1 sample to be exact. Anywhere close to $700? Cause a seller on eBay is sure hoping somebody takes the bait and gives in to the extreme price for what every well may be a pair of Zoom Kobe V’s that never make it to the retail floor.

Earlier today images of this Nike Zoom Kobe V surfaced on eBay with the high dollar price to go with it. It’s a Buy It Now price, not a bid. Winner takes all on this one, and the seller is not accepting offers from the looks of it. The shoes are listed in a size 9 and the word is they’re just a pair of samples at this time. It’s unclear whether or not they’ll ever be put into production so buying them could be a little risky considering the fact you may be able to get them at a retail price in the future. Although, if you’re the type who can drop 7 bills on a pair of sneakers we’re sure you’re not to worried about whether they’ll release at a later date and at a lower price.

Click here to check out the photos and if you’re interested check out the eBay auction.







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