Vans Vault Chukka LX “Chicago Cubs”


We’re sure some of you are still waiting to catch a glimpse at what Vans Vault and the MLB worked up for you’re favorite baseball team. We recently just hit the half way mark so if you have yet to see what’s been done for your team we’re sure they’ll be coming soon.

Or by chance you’re a Cubs fans, which in case you’re quest ends here as we now present you with a look at a Vans Vault Chukka LX which represents the Chicago Cubs in the Opening Day Collection. The color palette used throughout the sneakers matches that of the Chicago Cubs alternate jersey with blue suede working the upper and red and white detailing added in here and there.

The sneakers and the matching jersey will both go on sale April 12th, exclusively through St. Alfred, in (you guessed it) a limited run of 12 pairs.

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