Vans Vault Era LX “New York Mets”


The NY Mets haven’t had much to talk about in a long long time, which is sort of sad for me, being a NY native who was once a big time Mets fan. For years the team has been lacking what they need to get them anywhere close to winning a championship title. Luckily for dedicated Mets fans who haven’t jumped the wagon and moved over to the Yankees,  the teams shame hasn’t stopped Vans Vault and the MLB from including the Amazing’s in the Opening Day Collection. Not only that but the images come before anything we’ve seen for the Yankees in this series.

Since it’s a Mets shoe you of course got a Mets colorway. Black leather constructs the entire toe and heel of a Vans Era LX, while black suede covers the mid section of the low cut shoes. Contrast stitching in Mets orange is used to hold the leather toe in place. In raised emboridery across the heel is the official Mets “NY” logo in it’s signature blue and orange color scheme with the blue also being worked into a pinstripe along the brim of the white sole.

Just like all the releases in the Vans x Major League Baseball “Opening Day Collection”, the Vans Vault Era LX “New York Mets” will be sold alongside an authentic Majestic jersey with the shoe and jersey combo being limited to a total of 12 pairs. PremiumGoods in Brooklyn is the one and only retailer who will be releasing the sneakers, so if you hope to get one of the 12 pairs being made available you better get there early and grab a place in line for the April 5th release.

A few more photos follow after the jump. Via: Hypebeast



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