Would You Rock Em?? – Premium Pete’s Foamposite Edition


For Would You Rock Em?? – Issue 7 we’ve put together a little something different then what you’re use to seeing in this segment. Since we launched the concept back in July 2009 we’ve been featuring various colorways of Dunks and AF1’s that we designed in Photoshop, allowing you to vote for whichever ones you would rock. This week however we’ve dropped the Dunks and Air Force 1’s and cleared the floor for something totally different, a pack of Air Foamposite One’s.

Premium Pete, formerly from Premium Laces in NYC, is one of many sneakerheads who has an uncontrollable love for the Nike Air Foamposite One. As many of us do when it comes to our favorite sneaker, Pete visioned some Foamposite releases of his own, in colorways which he feels would make a splash on the retail floor. With the help of graphic designer Dsicle who contributed his fine Photoshop skills, Pete was able to take his visions and put em on paper as they say.

Since I too have a strong desire for the Foamposites and know a lot of you do as well, I’ve based this issue of Would You Rock Em?? around Premium Pete’s visions and Discle’s renderings. In total there are three designs, the Space Jam Foamposites, the Kryptonate Foamposites and the Glowposites, all of which are pretty dope in my opinion and well worthy of being production models. To get a closer look at all three and place your votes for whichever ones you’d rock please follow the jump.


Premium Pete’s vision for this Foamposite was to use the signature colorway from the ever popular Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam”.


Premium Pete’s vision for this Foamposite was to use the colorway from the Kryptonate Foamposite Lite which Nate Robinson wore during the 2009 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.


For this version Premium Pete envisioned a Foamposite One constructed from a 3M upper with Glow In The Dark detailing on the outsole, Nike Swoosh, and the rest of the secondary color accents. Shortly after displaying them on Twitter Premium Pete came up with the nickname “Glowposites” thanks to the suggestions of his followers.

Now that you’ve seen Foamposite One vision’s of Premium Pete put in your vote below for whichever ones you would rock.
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