Nike SB Zoom Omar Salazar “Dinosaur Jr” – Available Now


Last week we got our very first look at a Dinosaur Jr edition of Omar Salazar’s new SB signature, the Nike SB Zoom Omar Salazar. At the time details on a release were unavailable, leaving many of us wondering if the shoes were just a pair of samples or an actual upcoming release set for the near future.

As it turns out the sneakers are being released, with one minor difference though. The glossy and sparkly purple patent leather upper remains, as does the green trim throughout. However the graphic of the sweater-wearing dinosaur which was included on the sample has been removed and replaced with embroidery of “Dinosaur Jr”. A minor difference but yet one which could literally make or break the release for a few people.

Premier has just received shipment of the sneakers and from what we’re being told they’re a Quickstrike release. Unfourently Premier is only releasing their stock in-store, with no phone orders available, so if you don’t live in the Grand Rapids, MI area hit up your local Nike SB retailer now to check on availability.



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