Nike Auto Flight Lite “Daily Drop” Customs


JGoods is at it again, this time on a base shoe that’s a first for the group, the Nike Air Flight Lite. These sneakers are a collaboration between JGoods and the resourceful website The shoes were a giveaway for one lucky reader of the Daily Drop and never will be reproduced again. They are true one of ones.

For the design, JGoods wanted to come up with something that was simple, but also incorporated Daily Drop to the fullest. JGoods drew inspiration from the colors and logo of the Daily Drop website, which is a mixture of oranges and lime greens. Daily Drop’s slogan is “Fresh Squeezed Daily” and JGoods really wanted that slogan to be the first thing to come to mind when somebody put on the sneakers.

The shoes feature “Daily” on the upper toe of the right shoe and “Drop” on the upper toe of the left shoe along with orange splashes on the outer toes and ankles. While these sneakers may not be for everybody, they’d be sure to get you noticed.

The final touch on these sneakers has to be in the photos. The shoes were photographed in a pile of oranges and limes. If you visit, you’ll notice that the color matching and style is flawless.







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