Reebok SK 6500 – Blue/White/Silver


When it comes to classics at an affordable price for everybody, nobody does it better then Reebok. If you don’t believe me just look at the name of their top tier collection, the Always Classic collection, which features sneakers between $30-60. Simplicity and a consumer friendly price is a route Reebok’s been taking since day one and they’ve made it work year after year, ever since they released their first athletic shoe in the US in 1982, the Freestyle.

While the brand has enough in their vaults to keep up busy for quite some time that hasn’t stopped them from putting the classic touch on newly designed models, including a skateboarding line which features the SK 6500 shown here.

Whether you’re trying to imitate Tony Hawk’s 900 or just kickin it with the fellas on a warm Spring day, the SK 6500 offers a taste of style which isn’t just mandated to skaters. The classic styling Reebok is known is displayed on the SK 6500 with the help of a leather and suede exterior in white and blue color combo with a splash of silver applied to the Reebok logo and a cut and sew logo stitched to the tongue. Since we’re dealing with skate shoes you’ve got your standard rubber sole unit, in solid white, to provide superior traction and withstand tons of abuse. While Nike SB and DC Shoes may be the kings of skate shoes Reebok is defiantly leaving a nice mark within the industry with a lineup that’ll be just as fresh in years to come as it is today.

For those who are interested, the Reebok SK 6500 – Blue/White/Silver is availabe now through DrJays for $60.




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