Nike SB Dunk High “Skunk”


I sense a Nike SB April Quickstrike in the works!! Warped recently posted some images of an upcoming Nike SB Dunk High dubbed “Skunk” which is far from being inspired by the animal. Although just like the furry creatures who invade your garbage cans, this skunk leaves a smell too, one of a much better fragrance.

Why do I sense a April Quickstrike? One reason, and one reason only, 4:20. Given the theme of the sneakers one would suspect, and believe, and feel, these would be the perfect release for the month of April, a time of year when 4:20 rolls around and the air is filled with the aroma of skunk. Bringing forth the inspiration behind the shoes is a total suede upper comprised of various shades of green. Purple, think Jimi Hendrix folks, accents the green upper as it appears on the Nike Swoosh and on the outsole. Adding a little something extra to the design, which may go right over peoples heads as to what is stands for, is orange/red-ish stitching throughout the panels. If you’ve figured out where Nike SB is going with the shoes and the theme you should be well aware what the orange represents, if not your local skunks must not be all to potent. Rounding out the theme is a pair of insoles featuring a dazed and confused looking skunk, and a stash spot on the backside of the tongue for those moments where you feel you can actually outsmart the man.

No official release date is available for the Nike SB Dunk High “Skunk”, nor has it been verified that these will actually be a Quicksrike for the month of April as I suspect, but whatever the case may be we’ll be sure to keep you filled in on the details.







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