Alex Carolino x DC Shoes “Fitz Mid”


Professional skateboard Alex Carolino has spent time all over the globe. First with the Lordz crew in France, opening their video “They Don’t give A F*ck About Us (2004)”, and then in the States with the Santa Cruz team, banging out a part for “Out There (2005)”. Known for popping tricks higher and catching them cleaner than most, Carolino’s flatground game is second to none. And best of all, he does it all with a smile, spreading positive energy to everyone he meets.

Although not a DC sponsored skater, the Fitz Mid from DC Shoes is a favorite silhouette of Caolino. So DC did their part for the free endorsement Alex gives them by creating a colorway customized just for him. Carolino’s love of coffee shines through with dark brown representing coffee beans and tan representing the coffee bag. There’s even a subtle usage of green to honor the Brazilian flag.

Watch for the Alex Carolino x DC Shoe “Fitz Mid” to hit select DC retailers and DC flagship stores within the coming months as part of DC’s Fall 2010 Collection.


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