Josh Kalis x DC Shoes “JK8 S”


So fresh and so clean describes Kalis’s skateboard style to a tee. One of Love Park’s ambassadors and a representative of the skate scene in Phily, Kalis is one of the top pro skateboarders in the world. He’s made it impossible for anyone to challenge his ability from launching tricks off marble tiles over garbage cans at Love to his switch backside tailslides at Hubba Hideout to landing on the bolts and rolling away clean every time. After his most recent part in Alien Workshop’s “Mind Filed” video, Josh proves once again that his ability to progress is unmatched. With a new board sponsor, DGK, Kalis has re-launched his career to a new generation of skateboarders. The bottom line is Kalis never disappoints.

His new JK8 S Signature shoe builds on the success of his six and seventh pro models, always technical, innovative, and premium. Key performance skate features includes DC’s patented Impact G for cushion and shock absorption, the new carburetor foam in the tongue for breathability, and innovative wiper ridges on the toe for increase board control.

Watch for Kalis’s new JK8 S to hit select DC retailers and DC flagship stores later this year as part of DC’s Fall 2010 Collection.


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