Nike SB “Larry Perkins” Release Date Moved Back


Premier has just gotten the word from Nike SB that the Nike SB Dunk “Larry Perkins” has been moved back to a later date. We are well aware some distributors are already selling the sneakers, and have been for about a week or so, but according to what Nike SB wants retailers who will be stocking the sneakers will not be releasing them until this coming Saturday, March 20th.

If you recall we’ve caught quite a few previews of these sneakers over the months. At the time we were all calling them the Chirping Bird SB Dunks due to a mechanism inside the tongue which made the sound of a bird when you squeezed it. However, now that the release is nearing further details about the design and theme have surfaced and we’re now learning the whole chirping bird idea has been squashed.

According to AtlantaGotSole, “Larry Perkins is a fictitious character from about 5 years ago. This character was a self proclaimed “Best and most under rated skateboarder alive” he did a bunch of prank calls and fake skate interviews for Big Brother (owned at the time by Larry Flint publications).” AtlantaGotSole is also reporting that the chirping bird noise has been replaced with a ringing telephone sound effect – a reference to the prank calls made by Larry to various skate companies and magazines.

If you’re planning on trying to get yourself a pair of these hit up your local Nike SB retailer to see if they’ll be available in your area come this Saturday. This is a Quickstrike for the month of March, so not every Nike SB distributor will be getting them.



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