Air Jordan 12 “Jay-Z Concert” Customs


In the custom sneaker industry you have a few different groups. You have the customizers who do reconstructions, taking an old beat up sneaker and making it look as if it’s fresh out the box with new colors and new material. Then you have your artists, the one’s who you call on when you’re looking for portraits, patterns or some sick design work. Rounding out the pack are the innovators, the ones who push the envelope and set standards with some of the most unique sneakers we’ve seen in recent years. Sneakers which push the envelope and set standards.

Sneaker customizer Intrxn happens to fall into all three groups. From simple reconstructions to patterns and designs, Intrxn can do it all. He’s even gone as far as creating an entirely new sneaker, the Genesis by Intrxn, which were told is only the beginning of what’s to come. With the amount of talent and skill Intrxn has it should come as no surprise that he’s been featured on Sneaker Obsession more then a dozen times and continues to be one of the most covered customizers.

We’re about to chalk another one up for Intrxn too as we have just been provided with some exclusive images of a very special Air Jordan 12 he recently wrapped up. The project was to be kept secretive at the request of the customer who commissioned Intrxn to do the job, but thankfully being the loyal supporters we are, we managed to squeeze some pictures and info outta Intrxn to share with you.

In the words of Intrxn:

Elvis T. from Chicago contracted me to work on a very special Jordan. The rule was that I was to do something I have never done before. The Jordan 12 release date correlates to Jay-Z’s 1997 distribution deal with Def Jam Records. Following the death of Notorious B.I.G. he worked with P. Diddy to produce “In My Lifetime” and the record “Reasonable Doubt.” If you get a chance to catch these shoes in person you can notice the detail that acknowledges inspiration from Elvis himself, Jay-Z, Biggie, and Alexander McQueen. The conceptual approach includes undertones regarding these men’s work ethic and the theme, “Man or Machine.” As far as colorway, the shoe was created to match Elvis’ shirt and vest. He divulged that his fashion sense is all about making statements in a clean and classy manner. If I had one word to describe the work I did for him it would be “sculpture.” Everyone who is attending the Jay-Z concert on Thursday March 18th keep an eye out for Elvis in the double stretch black Hummer!

Laser etched quotes are:

Jay-Z “In My Lifetime”
Biggie “It Was All a Dream”
AMQ “We are the Fashion World’s Incubator”
Elvis “You Get Out of Life What You Put In”








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