DC LIFE Admiral “Maritime”


With the 7th Anniversary of the Admiral running high DC LIFE assembled a lineup of new color schemes to celebrate. To gain a little color and design inspiration the DC LIFE team went on a road trip across Western Amerciana to experience the sights and take in the colorful sunrises and sunsets which are ever so unique to the west.

Last week you got a glimpse at the DC Admiral in Violet/ Fire, one of the new additions to the collection. This week we’re celebrating the Admiral from DC’s Spring 2010 Collection in Maritime – a rich blue hue inspired by classic blue travel luggage which has served as a quintessential travel piece for many memorable trips. Just like the Violet/Fire pair for last week the Maritime version includes the “Indigenous Modern” pattern on the sublimated satin lining interior which was fabricated in collaboration with NATIONAL FOREST.

Whether you’re liking these or the pair from last week you can get both now through the DC Webstore.








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