SN’EADS by R E E “Revenge” – Issue #3


SN’EADS by R E E, the one and only sneakerhead comic, presents us with Issue #3 entitled “Revenge”. This issue features a very familiar face on a mission to reclaim what is rightfully his. We’ll give you a hint, it involves a recently released Nike SB Quickstrike and somebody who’s usually seen chasing pudding.

To see the entire comic and find out exactly who we’re talking about click here. Also make sure you follow SN’EADS by R E E on Twitter.

Past Issues.
SN’EADS by R E E – Issue #1
SN’EADS by R E E “Deadstock Grails” – Issue #2
Happy Valentines Day from SN’EADS


For those of you who didn’t get the joke the comic is inspired by the Dr. Huxtable Nike SB Dunks. Take notice to the sweater Dr. Huxtable is holding too and the shape of the cutout. It spells out dunk.

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