Nike & Cole Haan To Eliminate Exotic Animal Skins


In a bold decision which is sure to change the game forever Nike and it’s affiliate Cole Hanna announced that they will stop selling products that are made from exotic skins. PETA presented Nike with video footage from an undercover sting put on in Asia exposing the extreme suffering caused by the exotic-skins industry and after reviewing the footage the company made the decision to never use exotic skins again, starting with their Fall/Winter 2010 Collection. According to Nike’s revised company policy, “Animal Skins must not be any species considered to be exotic. Examples include, but are not limited to alligator, crocodile, lizard, snake, ostrich, fish, marine mammals, etc.” This decision also effects Cole Haan which Nike Inc. purchased in 1988.

I gotta admit, it’s sad to see the skins go, but at the same time it’s always sick to see how the exotic-skin industry is conducted in such a brutal way. If you’re a fan of the exotic release we’ve seen over the years you better hunt around for em now cause we’re sure the prices are gonna get higher now that exotic skins will never appear on another pair of Nike or Cole Haan shoes. History in the making folks.

If you’re interested in seeing some parts of the video which PETA presented Nike click here to check it out. Be warned though it contains some things that some of you may not want to see. So before you watch it we’ll let you know what goes on. A lizard is seen caught in a noose by his tail, upside down, in the wild. Other lizards are decapitated, and some of the animals writhe in agony as they are skinned alive. A live snake is nailed to a tree by it’s head, and it’s body is cut open from one end to the other before it’s skinned alive. A worker clubs alligators on a crowded, filthy factory farm until they stop moving, but some animals remain alive and are seen writhing in pain. View at your own risk.


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