Glow-In-The-Dark Copper & Eggplant Foamposite Tees by Giggs


The Copper and Eggplant Foamposites get people as excited, if not more excited then any other sneaker, maybe even more so then the Space Jams. We’ve seen a few t-shirts so far dedicated to the Foams and now Giggs, real name Nick, has presented us with a look at some custom tees he put together to honor two of his favorite sneakers. The t-shirts, which consists of a Black base feature a large Penny logo painted on the front with either a Metallic Copper color filling in the logo or an Metallic Eggplant. A touch of Grey glow in the dark paint outlines the logo and takes on a Teal glow at night breathing all new life into the shirt. Giggs tells us he used that shade of color around the logo to resemble the icey clear outsole on the Foams.

The photo above obviously only displays the glow in the dark feature so make sure you click here to check out photos of both shirts. There’s also a shot of a personal tee which Giggs did for himself which uses a carbon fiber outline around the logo. If you’re interested in either of the two you can get em now through Giggs’ eBay store for $30 a pop.






Giggs’ personal version with a carbon fiber outline.


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