Yote City Make Cents Eggplant Tee


You didn’t think Yote City only made a Copping Pennys Would Only Make Cents Tee for the Copper Foams did ya? Now that wouldn’t make sense, which is why Yote City has followed up with a t-shirt to go along with your Eggplant Foams. Whether you have a pair already or plan on getting your first pair when they release as a retro again on March 6th, you defiantly need to scoop up this tee to go along with em. The Copping Penny’s Would Only Make Cents message is obviously printed in an Eggplant color to match the foams as is the Yote City “YC” logo on the sleeve stylized to resemble Penny’s logo.

You can get this Eggplant one and the Copper one either through Vault or Yote City’s webstore in sizes Small-3XL for a price of $25. A look at the entire shirt follows after the jump.


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