Nike Air Max 95 “Neon” @ Finishline & Eastbay


Today not only marks the release of the Air Jordan 2 “Silver Anniversary” but it also marks the day in which the Nike Air Max 95 “Neon” makes it’s second retro appearance. 2008 was the last time the Neon’s saw a release and to the disappointment of many the sneakers were released a Quickstrike leaving many consumers unable to find a pair in their area, or atleast a pair in their size. If you’re part of that camp fear not cause the Air Max 95 “Neon” is back, and thankfully they’re seeing a much more wider release then in previous years. A lot of us already got a pair and we know some of you placed some pre-orders and will have the sneakers in a few days, but if you’re one of the few who has yet to put their name on a pair hit up Finishline, or Eastbay (up to sz15) and claim a pair in your size. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


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