Puma Phone


Teaming up with Sagem Wireless, a telecommunications company based in France, Puma has become the very first footwear company to jump into the wireless market with their very own mobile phone. Why would a footwear company even attempt to do such a thing? Simply because they can, and it’s fun to put your own spin on today’s popular devices. Known as the Puma Phone the device includes a few unique features which are you won’t find in other phones like your very own pet Puma named Dylan, along with a lot of your standard features like a touchscreen, a calculator, a compass, calendars, and all that good stuff. On the back side of the phone are solar panels which are said to provide 15 minutes of talk time or two hours of music playback for every hour in the sun. Can the phone compete with today’s smartphones like the iPhone, Blackberry and Nexus One? Of course not, but it’s defiantly cool to see something like this from Puma. I’m sure a few diehard Puma fans who just want a basic phone will scoop one up.

Check out the Puma Phone website for complete details on the phone including videos.

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