Nike Air Max 95 “Neon” on eBay


The Air Max 95 “Neon” is set to release officially next Saturday, February 27th. Due to the popularity of the sneakers and the amount of people waiting to get their hands on a pair we’ve kept you posted on a few pre-order opportunities, such as those at Sneaker Bistro and Corporate which will ensure you a pair in your size if you get your name on the list quick enough. Pre-orders or copping a pair early through one of the many resellers online is always suggested when it comes to popular releases such as these Air Max 95’s which is why we just wanna put it out there for those who may not have already looked, the Air Max 95 “Neon” is available on eBay in a number of auctions. You can grab a pair now and possibly have them before they even become available through your local retailer, and you can get them for a retail price too. No telling if the price will rise once retailers sell out so get em now if you want em or run the risk of waiting until the day of.

Check out the Air Max 95 “Neon” auction on eBay.

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