Nike Air Max LeBron VII “Craps” Customs


When we showed you the Nike Air Max LeBron VII “6ucci” created by 1OF Customs the comments instantly started following in on Facebook and Twitter about how the Gucci colorway used throughout the sneakers was nicer then any LeBron 7 to release thus far. A bold comment, but one that may be hard for some to argue given the popularity of Gucci inspired colorways. Since you guys were so into those we’re gonna follow up real quick with another Air Max LeBron VII Custom, once again designed by 1OF Customs.

Back in September 2009 LeBron James appeared on BET to premier the music video to Drake’s, Kanye West’s, Lil Wayne’s and Eminem’s single “Forever” which is off of his More Than A Game soundtrack. We’re sure you’ve seen the video and are more then familiar with the song (Eminem kills it). In the beginning of the video it was revealed to the world that LeBron James is indeed a gambler and likes to play the tables, as most NBA athletes do. The video started out with the beat fading in to a shot of LeBron on a laptop playing a round of poker on And yes, he really does play both online and in the casino’s.

Why did I just go into all that? Cause for this pair of custom Air Max LeBron VII’s 1OF Customs designed them after one of the games of luck you’d find in any casino, the game of Craps. Bringing out the Craps theme 1OF Customs fabricated the inserts of the Air Max LeBron VII with green felt and added in graphics of gold numbers, betting areas and white dice to resemble what you’d find walking up to a Craps table. Other then that, which is enough in it’s own sense, 1OF Customs constructed the Nike Swoosh of some sort of cracked leather.

While they’ve haven’t been given to him just yet the sneakers were designed back in December to celebrate Lebron’s 25th birthday and 1OF Customs ensures us they’ll be in LeBron’s possession one day. LeBron if your out there, shoot 1OF Customsa line and claim these for your collection as a personal present.






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