SN’EADS by R E E – “Deadstock Grails” – Issue #2


SN’EADS by R E E, the official comic for sneakerheads returns with issue #2 entitled “Deadstock Grails” which plays on the recently released Air Jordan VI’s.

Two weeks ago we featured Issue #1 of SN’EADS and based on the comments left on Facebook and Twitter a lot of you were really into the comic and couldn’t wait to see more. Actually, the feedback was tremendous throughout the whole sneaker community, not just with our following. From TheShoeGame, to NiceKicks to ObsessiveSneakerDisorder, SN’EADS quickly made it’s way around the web and onto the screens of millions throughout the world. We couldn’t be happier for Tyree Dillihay either, the artist behind the comic who uses the nickname R E E. Our community has been missing something like this for a long time and finally it’s been introduced to us, by a man with a plan no less, a man who is ensuring that SN’EADS will be a lasting image. We had a chance to talk with R E E after featuring his first comic and although we can’t speak on a lot of the things discussed during our conversation we can tell you that this is only the beginning of whats to come. BIG THINGS are on the way and you can best believe that SN’EADS will evolve and expand in a major way.

More on that later though, for now click here to check out the entire issue of SN’EADS by R E E “Deadstock Grails”.


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